At last winter is upon us and people are rediscovering the delights of snow sports and skiing. There's one hitch: unless holiday makers enjoy climbing mountain sides by themselves and skiing in their socks, someone is going to have to construct a ski resort so that they can enjoy their holiday.

Step by step and ski by ski, we're going to take a look at the major construction stages of a ski resort.

The art of making a good start…

The grand opening of your resort is a crucial moment. It is essential to plan your resort's future, even before you open the gates.

You should construct four elements before starting: A good ski run with a suitable ski lift, accommodation for week-stay holiday makers and a tourist office.

Let's take one map at random, such as Kilbo, and build our resort.

The position of your first, main ski lift is very important and will influence your holidaymakers' first impressions. Try to place the departure point of the lift on a plateau connected to the rest of the resort's buildings.

At the top of the ski lift there should be two separate ski runs to choose from (maximise your profits on every installation!).

Your skiers can now climb the slopes; you just have to make sure they can ski down safely!

The quality of the runs is essential for future clients' satisfaction and you should take great care where you place them on the slopes.

You shouldn't skimp on time when building your runs. Once in "Landscape Mode",

try to find good smooth even trajectories. Initially, you should start with 'beginners to intermediate' runs; green runs fit the bill. Once you have placed your first marker, follow your slope down according to the shape of the mountainside.

Try not to build the run off centre and make sure that it sits well in the mountainside. Continue the process, marker by marker, until you reach the bottom of the slope.

The tourist office should be placed near the entrance of the resort, so that holidaymakers have to pass it to reach the slopes.

The first hotel should also be situated near the entrance of the resort. This will enable easy access by weeklong holidaymakers.

It is a good idea to build an equipment hire shop quickly, even before you open.

You can always lower the rates of your various services to attract clients initially.

OK! You've opened your resort

and the first holidaymakers have arrived, just let yourself be guided by their requests.

They'll soon be knocking on your door, requiring skiwear shops and restaurants. So get ready! And…

Enjoy the game!

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