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    Les images

    You, mild mannered bank clerk, veteran fighter pilot, are married, to one of the most dynamic female archeologists of our times.
    She is working on an incredible project that was shunned by everybody an attempt to prove that certain ancient civilisations were ruled bye magic (know as the black power), and not by traditional logic.
    One day she decides to take the aeroplane for widmilero in Mexico. Where it had been reported that an ancient sceptre had been found. which had the power to attract lightning without the slightest damage resulting.
    Not very convinced, you drive her to the airport where she is to take flight 637, destination Mexico.
    The following morning a telephone call informs you that your dear wife will be returning with the famous sceptre.
    two days later. A shadow thrown on the wall, apparently originating from now where, seems to tell you (without the slightest sound) : ''the seal is broken, the power will return !''. Gripped by indescribable panic, you run out into the streets to ammounce your incredible revelation.
    it is at that point that you glance at a french newspaper lying on the pavement :
    Mysterious disappearence in the Bermuda Triangle. More than 300 missing on flight 21 .....
    No, no it can't be. Your wife was coming back on that very flight
    driven by a feeling of vengeance, you fly to the small island of gimederis where you hire a cessna with which to pursue your search.
    While flying above the upper cloud layer. You notice a black stain on the surface; on approaching it, a strange force sucks you into an immense sort of tunnel, which holds in it's distant deapths an intense red glow.
    Some time later, you awake seated against a fountain, a deafening num ringing inside your head.
    this is where the crazy adventure begins, where logic is inexistant, and the sorcerer rules.
    In your quest you are aided by three helpers. Also opposed to the regime of this infamous being. Their powers, together with your own, will be determined at the start, as in a role playing game.

    ... Et voilà !!!
    Après un voyage dans l'espace temps, la machine s'arrête au bord de la mer en 1987.
    Ensortant de la machine vous apercevez un superbe coucher de soleil sur l'horizon d'une mer si dorée que vous en oubliez tout ce que vous venez de vivre pour repartir le coeur soulagé et prêt à vivre d'autres aventures plus calmes et moins dangereuses, enfin je l'espère pour vous.

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